We are an outstanding website design firm. We produce websites that produce new business for our clients. This sounds obvious. At first thought, anyone would say that a website should produce business. But, the fact is that almost all small business websites are conceived first from a visual perspective. For most small-firm designers, the most important thing about design is how the site looks. Designers place art above function..

Steve Taylor, owner of SptFire Computers and lead website designer for Online-Promotion.Net, approaches design from a marketing perspective. If a web site fails to attract interested visitors, its beauty and appearance are of no consequence.

A website has two prime functions. First, it must attract a significant volume of interested viewers. Without visitors the site cannot generate new business. Then, visitors to the site must be “converted”, induced to take a predetermined action, to buy, to call, to subscribe. The viewer must decide to act in the way that the website directs. The first goal is accomplished by producing an optimized site and promoting it with online marketing techniques. The second is accomplished with content, textual, narrative content. Beauty, attractive appearance, animations, entertainment, and tricks that are intended to captivate site visitors is only the third consideration.